Allergy Friendly Philadelphia Mission Statement:
“To provide support for food-allergy families, navigating their daily lives in the Philadelphia Area”

A Very PHILLY Halloween (Surviving the madness with food allergies)
Ok, so I know there is a lot of information
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Parent Coping Strategies for Food Allergy Anxiety
“The Allergist called.” In my mind I think, “He never
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Philly Summer Treats Guide
A guide to the local- and locally available- yummy treats
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Dear “School Safe” Cupcakes by Treasure Mills
I am so glad that there are national brands (and
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Party:Picnic:Potluck, People!
I thought it would be helpful to make a list
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Silver Linings- The Up-Side of Having Kids with Food Allergies!
The first thing people always say to me when they
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Traveling With Food Allergies Part One- Down the Street
For Babies and Young Toddlers: When you have a baby
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Allergy-Friendly Hotel Rooms
Environmental Allergies? These hotels have PURE Certified Clean Rooms- The
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What Are We Doing Here?
So you’ve been given the diagnosis- your child has a
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