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You are probably excited by all the options available to those with food allergies in the City of Philadelphia- I know I am! But I also know from living with food allergies that nothing is for certain. There is an element of risk in every act of food consumption, in every activity of life, even those that occur at home. By using this site, you are acknowledging that it is a guide, a starting point, a beacon of light in the darkness of eating and exploring. It is NOT, by any means, a be-all-and-end-all definitive answer to the questions you should be asking when you dine out. For guidance on those, please see FARE’s Guide to Dining Out, an excellent resource. Remember that ingredients, servers, suppliers, owners, and the weather may all change. Allergy Friendly Philadelphia is not a substitute for medical advice, or for your own due diligence. Always carry your emergency medication, and EAT, LIVE, and PLAY as safely as possible.

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-Anna B.