Have Allergy Friendly Philadelphia Come to You

Have Allergy Friendly Philadelphia Come to You

Anna is a Public Health Nurse with seven years of Nursing experience working with families to improve their health outcomes. As a food allergy parent and spouse, she advocates daily for her family in their community and is now working to improve the lives of all food allergy families in the Philadelphia area. If your business is looking to better serve the food allergy community, please contact Anna to lean more about how Allergy Friendly Philadelphia can help you.

About AFP

Mission Statement and Vision Statement
"To provide support for food-allergy families, navigating their daily lives in the Philadelphia Area"

  • To provide a guide for families with food allergies, living in the Philadelphia area, including the food, entertainment, day care, and schooling options available for children with food allergies.

  • To provide a resource for families with food allergies visiting Philadelphia, so that they may enjoy their visit, and participate all that this historic city has to offer.

  • To provide information based on scientific evidence, where available, and to encourage the use of evidence-based practices to prevent severe reactions in children with food allergies.

  • To encourage awareness of food allergies by businesses, and assist them in developing safer food handling practices, including safe preparation, ingredients, packaging, storage, and display, as well as the creation of safe spaces for children with food allergies to enjoy play and local attractions.

  • To develop a visible indicator for businesses to alert patrons that allergy-friendly food options are available, or that a space, attraction, or event is allergy-friendly.

  • To work with community outreach partners to provide education and resources to at-risk Philadelphia families who have additional challenges when caring for their loved ones with food allergies.